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About Riggs Creative Group

Who We Are

Riggs Creative is comprised of a small, talented team of highly skilled, experienced and fiercely dedicated professionals who specialize in creative services and website development. We are typically entrusted as a key partner of our client’s marketing or sales teams; where we offer consulting services, graphic design for marketing efforts and full-featured website & app design, development, deployment and management.

Our team is led by Christian Riggs, who brings 24 years of design, project management and programming experience to every project we are entrusted with. Christian possesses the rare capability of seeing all graphic design – regardless of medium – as an exercise of communication between a business and their customer. His pursuit for clear and pursuasive communication through design delivers memorable experiences between businesses and their customers.

Our talented team includes graphic designers (ranging in specialties from print, large-format, website user interface/experience, etc.), website and application developers, copy writers, photographers, marketing consultants and more. We have honed an extended network of top talent that is capable of executing a wide range of marketing and communications needs.

Our Scope of Services

The Process

Throughout our website, you’ll find quite a few examples of our work. We employ a collaborative process between our team and that of our clients. Some clients come to us with no idea of what they want or need – the most basic of input is provided. Others have a finely detailed roadmap and set of requirements. Some clients want nothing to do with the creative process, leaving the capable team at Riggs Creative to construct solutions uninhibited. Other clients want to assume controlling roles and lead the charge – with a specific detailed vision of the end product.

We work with it all, and meet each new relationship with enthusiasm and a teamwork mindset, regardless of the amount of control and involvement that a given client requires. Clients can also rest assured that our team pushes boundaries and thinks outside the box. We present solid ideas that we back 100%. If we disagree with a client’s direction, we’ll challenge it to ensure that business objectives are carefully met with precision using a combination of proven tactics and innovative, progressive ideas. The examples on our website reflect the gamut of input from respective clients, and are the culmination of respectful team work.

Why Hire Us?

Since day one, our philosophy has always revolved around one very basic and often overlooked trait – value. Our team always focuses on delivering tremendous bang for the buck. We are not a bloated group with high overhead. We do not exaggerate our efforts. We don’t bring high agency fees along for the ride.

What we do offer is a dedication to your success and growth as if it’s our own. We strive to become an integral component of your team – serving as a committed extension that offers our refined skills and experience to achieve desired results. We never cut corners and believe in extending flexibility to our clients to ensure that things are done the right way. We tailor our team to be just what is needed for any given task. We are fiercely loyal and dedicated to our clients – always keeping an eye toward their success. Your success is what we’re all about.

Contact us today and we’ll work to present a free detailed proposal for your project.